Play Deuces Wild Video Poker Here

> You can play deuces wild 100% free no deposit. Play just for fun!

I found a casino online that allowed me to embedd the flash game on this website and you can play the game for free. It is a great way to practice and you do not need to download anything. Unless, you do not have flash installed on your computer or device.

Flash casino games are also refered to by many as "Instant games" since no download is required. Below you will find the game and they also had a few more versions availble and i also have them embedded on the site for you to explore.

Play the 3 hands, 10 hands and 52 hands versions of this cool, fun deuces wild instant play game. I hope you enjoy this game and that you share the link on facebook or google + or something like that.

TIP: After about 10 minutes if you see a message to go to the casino to contue playing you can simply refresh the page and start over!

How to play Deuces Wild Video Poker

> Do you know what deues wild is or means?

How to play Deuces Wild Video PokeThe object of this game is simple: you must get at least a three of a kind to win on your bet. This is because each of the four 2's are wild..

The first thing that you do is determine the coin value that you want to bet. You will see if you press the BET ONE buttons that the number of coins you have will increase and decrease. This will let you know how many bets you have left.

When you are satisfied with your bet, press the DEAL button to receive your cards. You can also just press the Max Bet button and the cards will be automatically be dealt to you. This way, you only have to worry about what to set the coins level at.

The bottom bar below the Deal button will display the amount of money you have (you start out with a fun balance of $999). As you change the Bet Level or the Coin Value, you should see the Bet amount change.


After the Deal

Once the deal has come, you have to make a decision on which of the five cards to keep and which ones to discard. You can keep or discard all five cards at the same time. If you don't know what you should keep, check out the Deuces Wild Strategy page.

When you have selected which cards to keep, press the Draw button to receive your new cards. If you have won, you will see the hand you got light up on the menu and over your cards. If you do not win, the cards will go dim and you will have lost your bet.

After you have won a hand, you will have the option to Collect your winnings or Gamble the winnings on an extra betting game.

You can choose whether you want to pick the color of the next card for a double or nothing bet or you can try to pick a suit for a 4 to 1 payout. If you have won, you will have a chance to choose again. But, remember that this is always double or nothing so the first wrong move you make is your last. Press the Collect button when you are finished.