Deuces Wild Video Poker Software

> Variations of the game depending on the casino software provider the casinos use.

casino software providers like RTG, microgaming etcWhen it comes to video poker software, there can be a lot of differences from one casino to the next. The majority of the online casinos out there use one of the casino software companies on this page. I will list the different casinos that I approve of for each of the following each deuces wild software provider.

As a general rule, the best places to play deuces wild are also going to be the overall best video poker casinos to play. The same can be said for the amount of effort the software providers put into making the deuces wild and the overall variety of games have winners and losers as well.

Main Differences Between video poker Software

> Mainly different in terms of the number of versions they offer.

Differences Between video poker SoftwareThe things that you will see different as far as the software goes is how many versions of the game that were produced. The better places to play video poker usually have at least one multiple hand version of deuces wild.

Also, about half the software on this list offers a bonus game for players when they win. The game can differ from the different providers.

The first game is just a straight double or nothing game. A new set of five cards will be drawn. The first card will be flipped over and you have to flip over one of the other four cards. The goal is to get a higher card than what is showing. I advise against playing this bonus game. Often, you will get a high card flipped up and won't be able to beat it.

The second game I've seen is the one shown on the Play Deuces Wild page. This bonus game will give you a more consistent chance of winning and is a little easier to play if you want to double or nothing.

The third type is not available at a lot of the online casinos, but I think it is the best. These have a bonus game similar to the first game I talked about, but you can choose to only risk half of the money you won.

The other main difference that you will see is that some of them have created multi-hand versions of deuces wild. This feature will allow you to hold cards that were dealt to you and will then draw multiple times to try to complete these hands.

Deuces Wild Software Creators

> Variations of the game depending on the casino software provider the casinos use.


Microgaming Deuces Wild Video Poker

In my opinion, Microgaming makes the best software for video poker in general. They have more versions than I care to count. But more importantly, they offer the most versions of deuces wild. Most of these games are second to none in comparison to the other software providers. Unfortunately, Microgaming casinos do not currently allow players from the United States. With any of these video poker variations, you have the chance to double your money once you have won. When you win a hand, you have the option to double or collect. If you double, a card will be flipped over and you must draw a higher card from the four remaining. The following are screenshots that I took at 32Red Casino. Each game will be briefly explained and yes I did really get the four deuces.


The first game here is the basic deuces wild game as seen just about anywhere else. The second game is called Level-Up Poker and is something I had never seen before. You are buying four hands in advance. You must win one hand to progress to the next level. Each time you win, you get more money back and usually if you get passed the 3rd level you will make out with a 2 to 1 payout.


These four games are multiple hand versions of the regular deuces wild video poker game. As you can see, the more hands you are playing the more likely you will at least win some of your money back.


You can play up to 100 hands at a time.

Whichever cards you hold in your hand will be held in every hand played. These games end up being more of a crapshoot sometimes and it seems like you either hit big or lose a little and you lose a little more often.


Real Time Gaming - RTG Deuces Wild Video Poker

Following right behind Microgaming is RTG casinos. They have a plethora of video poker games to offer. Every game that Microgaming offers besides the level-up poker game is available to play here as well. Players from the US are welcome at most RTG casinos.


I'll forgo showing you all the multi-hand version screenshots and just show you the important details. These two games are the same. The one on the left is the version that you will play if you download and install an RTG casino. If you play at an RTG instant play casino, you will be playing the game on the right. This version of Deuces Wild also has the same bonus game that Microgaming has. Double or Nothing and the first card is flipped over.


Vegas Technology Deuces Wild Video Poker

Here is another one of my favorites. Vegas Tech offers three different versions of deuces wild. Casinos that use their software generally allow customers from the US. The two pictured below are the traditional one hand variety on the left. The game on the right is a unique multi-hand game. You can choose whether you want to bet on two, three or four hands at the same time.


Vegas Tech also offers a Mega Multi Hand game that allows you to choose to receive between 10, 50 and 100 hands at a time. The bonus game for this version of deuces wild is the same as the two above.


Net Entertainment Deuces Wild Video Poker



Net Entertainment also has two versions of this game although they do not offer any multi-hand versions of deuces wild video poker. The only difference between the two games shown is that they offer slightly different bonus games. The bonus game for the deuces wild game on the left is the same as above. The game on the right allows you to either guess the next card's color or suit. US players cannot make bets at Net Entertainment casinos.


Playtech Deuces Wild Video Poker



Playtech has two versions of Deuces Wild; a single hand and four hand version of the game. One of the good things about this video poker software is that you are allowed to Double Half on your winning bets. This means that you are only going double or nothing with half of your bet. US players cannot make bets at Playtech casinos.


The Best of the Rest Deuces Wild Video Poker



These two are from 21Gnet (left) and Cryptologic (right) respectively. The 21Gnet deuces wild is as shown. They have no multi-hand games and also does not have a bonus game.

Cryptologic does have a multi-hand version of deuces wild along with a bonus game when you win. You get the option to choose either the color or suit of the next card.


These final two screenshots are from Rival Gaming (left) and Top Game (right). These are the only versions of deuces wild offered and neither of them offer a bonus game when you win your hand